Special Announcement

For awhile now, I’ve felt a bit directionless artistically. This lack of direction prompted a heartfelt entreaty to the universe, and it got back to me in the form of an article in the New York Times. Long story short, the focus of my art will, henceforth, be on the natural world. And regardless of … Read more


          Valerie Timmons is a Louisville (KY)-based artist whose genre-spanning work includes landscape, portraiture, still life, minimalism and geometric abstraction. While her paintings may vary wildly in style and even mood, their unifying tonal element is a rich emotional resonance that finds as much beauty in the turbulence of a non-representational … Read more


 I was born and raised in central Kentucky and received a BS in geology at Western Kentucky University and a JD at the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. My first foray into the visual arts occurred when I received a Polaroid Swinger for my 11th birthday (oh, how I begged for that … Read more


You’ll find my most recent newsletter, works in progress, and a lot more on my blog: ​​​​http://timmonsart.blogspot.com