Valerie Timmons is a Louisville (KY)-based artist whose genre-spanning work includes landscape, portraiture, still life, minimalism and geometric abstraction. While her paintings may vary wildly in style and even mood, their unifying tonal element is a rich emotional resonance that finds as much beauty in the turbulence of a non-representational tempest of form and color as it does in the clean-lined serenity of a still life.

          Ms. Timmons is an instinctual painter who follows what catches her eye and trusts her gut during execution, while for the most part bypassing analytical function. External visual forms serve less as models than as the stimuli that conjure imagery already inhabiting her inner visual memory. Working mostly in acrylic and/or oil on canvas, Timmons’ preference ratio of line to color may shift from painting to painting, depending on subject and mode. What remains constant, though, are the underlying energetic properties that evoke the surge of life currents embodied by even apparently inanimate forms.

          She came to painting relatively late, in 1995, having previously concentrated on her considerable talents in the realms of music and theater. She is also accomplished at photography, a medium she frequently uses as a springboard for her paintings and digital work.